Old Dawg


Old tricks.

Funny. Today I set out on a very short riding itinerary - wall rides at a couple different locations, hoping to maybe capture a couple good images.

After reviewing some shots at the first spot, I thought of Instagram posts, and the wall rides I see from today's riders. They can be complicated, layered, even "involved". Some super aggro, some super tech, some just pretty AF.

My wall rides are none of those things. Basic, simple, *small*. Sort of like playing a good 70's song on vinyl. Raw. Not super refined. No way you can dress it up, either. Just, a wall ride. Not over a gap, no bar out (or in), not switch or fakie, just a wall ride. I've no desire to try to keep up with contemporary BMX (not that I could, anyhow) - fuck, getting my Leary's clicked is still proving a challenge.

If I think about it, riding in general for me is similar to a 70's vinyl collection. Hitting up a spot is like putting on the good headphones, and dropping the needle on a favorite track or LP (isn't it fitting that I love riding ditches?). Each track is like a trick or like creative line, or just groove of a session.

I'd call it simply nostalgia, but I feel it's more than that. I'm not just reminiscing about riding BITD, I'm actually out experiencing it. Sure, a few LPs may have some scratches or wear (like being rusty at an old move), but lyrics, tune and passion remain (perhaps nostalgia becomes a by product, but it's not the impetus).

While I may not have recognized the significance of the needle on the record at the time, I was certainly, absolutely engaged, lost in the moment and energy (often, but not always punctuated with the presence of your crew). I'm as engaged now as I ever was, only now I'm aware of the bigger picture.

Occasionally I am a little self conscious about posting pics in the milieu of today's content. Even at 55, there's cats that are way above my skill level with clips of themselves absolutely killing it, along with all of today's kids who've taken it beyond another level. But then, I'm not posting, or riding necessarily to stand out from the crowd. I'm riding to experience. I'm posting to be a part - no matter how insignificant, at 55 years - of this thing called BMX.

Even if it's just a wall ride.


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