July 14, 2023


Infrared Camera + Self Timer.  Difficult to work with.

Haven't been keeping up much.  I fade in and out of ambition too often, doesn't take much to distract me, apparently.  Reached a plateau that's been hard to break through with the ramp, stuck at 2ft max, though it's getting easier to maintain, rather than working up to it, losing it, working back up, so maybe that's a good thing, in context.

Still not a proper lookback, but on the Sunday I was able to get my knee out of the way more and got the bars just barely past 90.  Progress, I guess.

Find myself wanting to be better at riding, in general.  Specifically, having shit like wall rides on lock, where I don't have to work up to them every time I feel like doing them.  Being comfortable on the bike, or more comfortable at lease. Being able to hop 180 to fakie used to be a reflex.  I'd like that back.  Boomerangs.  Feeble grinds without concentrating, then maybe learn some things I never got down back in the day.   Barspins.  Tailwhips.  Get no footed cans back.  Nac Nacs.

Stuck. At 2ft.

All this requires is practice, and presence and time on the bike.  I have time. I have presence, just need to make the practice thing real.

Got into it, actually got it to grind for a short distance. THIS, is something I should, you know, practice.

Have some impetus for creating art too, and again, the ambition comes and goes.  I believe I need to act on the impulses I get regarding these thing, if I dwell or consider for too long (which isn't long at all), I fall to the decision of inaction.  I think social media has a lot to do with this, I'm engaging way too much, need to observe more, post less.  Look less as well.

Well, that's all, just need to touch base here to remind myself why I started this thing.  

See?  2ft.  Stuck.  STUCK.


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