May 27, 2023


On May 8th I made an entry titled Escape Velocity. I've spent the better part of a month battling to get back to that point. Funny, miss a few days, and it seems I lose a few weeks of progress.

But now *I think* I've got the second hardest part down.  

As I wrote, speed is indeed the factor. A problem (note to future Jerry) I created was going a little slower than I need - and hopping up at the coping, essentially trying to make up for the loss of speed at the lip. That's a no-no.

Let the bike ride more of the transition - the hop isn't to gain altitude (solely) it's more to control how far away the bike goes from coping, to avoid hanging up. Riding off the lip should be smooth - not a pop or umph. Remember this - if all the height is coming from umph, you're doing it wrong. Recalibrate and watch the back wheel roll up to coping as you go. Use the transition.

That said, I've made progress. Getting near the fence in height on a good run. But I want to be able to exceed that height before summer ends - not in another year.  


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